3 Vitamins to Increase Fertility

Are you searching for ways to increase your fertility

Perhaps taking some vitamins to increase fertility might help.


Nowadays, it’s not surprising to see men and women seeking extra help to boost fertility and achieve pregnancy as soon as possible.


 The numbers of infertility cases have risen worldwide and couples want to make sure that they have high chances of conceiving. 


One thing that a lot of couples are considering to achieve this is by taking vitamins to increase fertility.


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Vitamins to increase fertility will nourish your body particularly your reproductive system in order to function well and become fertile ground for conception. 


One thing that these vitamins to increase fertility can do is to re-balance your hormones and improve you and your partner’s general health.


 A healthy diet can also help boost your fertility but the nutrients that your get from certain foods are simply not enough. 



You need extra dosage of recommended vitamins to increase fertility and so there is a need for you to take these  Organic Remedies.


When you are preparing yourself to get pregnant, more than the financial and emotional preparedness that you need to set,


 it is highly important that your are also physically prepared and that your body is healthy enough to keep up with a nine-month undertaking of supporting life.  


You need to make sure that even before you pregnant you are consuming sufficient vitamins that will be essential for you and your future baby. By making sure that you are getting all the necessary and correct vitamins to increase fertility, it is safe enough to say that your body is ready to take on the full responsibility of nourishing your baby.


If you and your partner are one of those couples who are struggling with infertility, all the more reason for you to take vitamins to increase fertility as they have been discovered to be effective in enhancing fertility.


 You can’t wait to be a mom, 



Here are some of the essential vitamins to increase fertility to help you get ready to battle the ups and downs of pregnancy.


Folic Acid

You may be very familiar with folic acid as essential for expectant mothers. 


This is because folic acid is one of the vitamins to increase fertility that helps prevent birth defects in babies. 


More so, the most crucial part of pregnancy is the development of the baby’s brain. 


In order to achieve proper brain development in babies, taking folic acid or also known as follate is recommended. 

Studies show that women who take 400 micrograms or (0.4 milligrams) of folic acid reduce the chances of their baby from suffering neural tube defect or the underdevelopment of the brain. 


This vitamin to increase fertility also plays an important role in the development of DNA, cell growth and formation of tissues. 


Folic acid are contained in Citrus fruits, Leafy greens, Legumes and so on

For your partner, folic acid can also increase the virility and number of his sperm count.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C is not only best for fighting common illnesses. This vitamin to increase fertility is also highly recommended for women wanting to conceive. 


Vitamin C has antioxidant contents that can help your body rebuild and repair damaged cells.


 It also eliminates toxic build-up in your system. If you and your partner are smokers, Vitamin C will flush out toxins that you get from cigarette smoking as well as prevent sperm clumping that is also the result of smoking.


Another great contribution of Vitamin C as a vitamin to increase fertility is it increases the supply of cervical mucus that aids in the journey of the sperm all the way up to you uterus and into the fallopian tubes to fertilize your egg.



Another important vitamin to increase fertility is Zinc. It is required in the production of genetic material. If you have zinc deficiency, 


you are prone to chromosomal imbalances resulting to reduced fertility and a risk of miscarriage if you are already pregnant. 


For your partner, if he has low zinc level, his sperm count and motility can decrease.


Preparing for pregnancy takes a lot of effort from both man and woman alike.

However, it becomes frustrating when all efforts are futile. 


You might have been introduced to different kinds of  solutions before and none has yielded any positive result and that is about to end if you have not given up.


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