Trying to Get Pregnant with PCOS? – What You Should Do

Polycystic ovary is a condition that can lead to infertility but the good thing is that it can be reversed. That is, women with PCOS can still get pregnant. It may just take time and may require effort as well.

5-10% of women from age 15 upward or during children bearing age may have PCOS. It is mostly discovered in their 20s and 30s. when they have trouble conceiving. The risk of PCOS is higher in women who have obesity or whose mother, sister or aunt have PCOS.

Women with PCOS has Ovaries that are larger than normal. The large ovaries contains many tiny cysts with immature eggs, this is as a result of underproduction of estrogen (Female hormones) and increase in the production of androgens (Male hormones)