Ovulation: What are the Signs to Lookout For?

If you are always wondering whether you ovulate or not in every month, then this post is for you. Knowing when you ovulate will also help you increase your chances of conception as it will help you determine the right time to have sex (fertile window).

7 Things You Should Know if You have Fibroid

Fibroid does not interfere with ovulation neither do they affect your ability to get pregnant but if you have multiple fibroid or submucosal fibroid, they can make it difficult for the uterus to support conception and maintain pregnancy. It may even lead to infertility.

4 Types of Fibroid, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Uterine fibroid also is referred to as leiomyomas or myomas is a benign muscular tumor that rarely turns into cancer found growing in the uterus. It commonly affects women of childbearing age between 30–40 years and they may show up at any age. a fibroid is different in size, shape, and location.