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5 Reasons Why Your UTIs keeps coming Back

Studies shows that one out of five women will experience recurrent UTIs that is the infection constantly occur like at least three times in a year. Men rarely get recurrent UTIs but when they experience it, it is often due to some type of urinary tract blockage. In this article, we will be looking at the  five most common reasons why a woman can keep getting UTIs. Keep reading!

Causes Recurring UTIs in women

There are several reasons a woman can be having recurring urinary infection, but focus here are on the four most common reasons.

1) Anatomy

A woman is more susceptible to UTIs because of their anatomy. unlike the men, women urethra is shorter and it is located near the opening of the vagina and anus. this make is very easy for bacteria from both area to spread into the urethra. Once the bacteria is in the urethra, it only has short distance to reach the bladder and cause infection.

2) Genetics

The body function of some women is not likely to flush out bacteria. in other word, they are naturally more receptive to bacteria. study carried out in 2009 of women who experiences recurrent UTIs shows that a genetic variation in these cell receptors is associated with an increased risk of bladder and kidney infections.

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3) Bathroom habits

it is very important for a woman to wipe from front to back after bowel movement or urinating, because her urethra is short and close to vagina and anus. by wiping form front to back, bacteria from the anus may be prevented for entering the urethra. Also clean and dry up before pulling up your underwear to avoid fecal bacteria landing and spreading as the underwear moves while you are engage in your activities.

4) Sexual Activity

Sexual activities is another easiest and common way through which bacteria is spread, from the partner’s hands/fingers, genitals, tongue, sex toys etc. not only from your partner, it can also spread your own bacteria from your own vagina/Anus to your Urethra. Which is why it is important to pee after having intercourse to help flush out bacteria.

5) Other Health issues

low immune system or chronic health issues can make you prone to UTIs. diabetes autoimmune diseases, neurological disease, kidney or bladder stone, surgery on any part of your urinary tract (urethra, ureter, kidney, bladder) etc. all make you more susceptible to infection.


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If you keep getting UTIs, you may consider getting treatment first along side with drinking plenty water, wearing cotton underwear, avoid using scented product and peeing immediately you feel the need to do so.

Natural remedies also proffer better solution with out side effects.

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