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6 Ways to Naturally Increase Your Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is the main sex hormone in men but is available in small quantities in women. this hormone is produced in the man’s testicle, the women’s ovaries, and a small amount in the adrenal gland.

Testosterone is responsible for physical changes such as increased muscle, deeper voice, and hair growth in young boys during puberty.

A healthy level of this hormone is necessary throughout human life, it is important for general health, disease risk, body composition, sexual function, and so on.

Increasing Testosterone level matters because naturally from the age of 25–30 the hormone start to decline and it could cause a problem. research has shown a link between low testosterone level and obesity, Increased disease risk, and premature death.

A healthy level of testosterone is also important for women alongside key hormones like estrogen and progesterone

It is, therefore, necessary to optimize testosterone level and in this article, we will be sharing some natural ways to increase testosterone level.

Symptoms of low testosterone level

  • Low sex drive
  • Fatigue
  • less beard growth
  • loss of body hair
  • Reduced lean muscle mass
  • Irritability
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Depression

Natural ways to increase testosterone level

1) Exercise and lift weights

Exercises and resistance training such as weight lifting helps in preventing lifestyle-related diseases and increases your testosterone level as well. it is also more beneficial to obese men than a weight loss diet for increasing testosterone levels.

2) Eat Protein, Fat, and Carbs

The food we eat impacts our testosterone level, it is necessary to pay attention to our calorie intake and diet strategy. Protein will help maintain health and aid in fat loss which is associated with testosterone

carb intake will optimize testosterone levels during resistance training and balancing the consumption of carbs, fat and protein are very important.

3) Minimize stress and cortisol levels

Studies show that long-term stress can increase the level of cortisol hormone which in turn reduces testosterone level.

Stress and high cortisol can increase food intake, weight gain, and the storage of harmful fat around your organs which will also impact negatively on your testosterone levels.

4) Get Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the world’s most popular vitamins, it can be derived from the sun or taking supplements. vitamin D helps to boost testosterone.

5) Get enough rest and quality sleep

Adequate rest and good sleep are just as important as diet and exercise. A minimum of 7–10 hours of sleep per night is best for your general health and your testosterone.

6) Natural remedies

Low testosterone may indirectly impact a man’s fertility by decreasing the production of sperm, reducing sex drive resulting in a lack of desire to have sex, causing erectile dysfunction which is the inability to have or keep an erection. All this can be avoided or cured by simply taking an organic remedy prepared to boost testosterone level.

The Organic Herbs will increase levels of your follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone in order to help get your testosterone normal.

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