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Health Benefits of Garlic: What It Does to Your Body

Garlic has been considered one of the most popular spice. it has been known since ancient times for the numerous benefit to human health. garlic is generally used to spice different kinds of dishes. in addition to this, it has been used in medicine. You can fight different diseases using Garlic. keep reading as we explain those good the herb can do to your body.

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Uses of Garlic:  9 Uncommon uses for Garlic 

Garlic is a pack of vitamins and minerals that are very good for you. Aside using it to spice your meal, there are several alternative uses of garlic that are not common and sometimes strange like treatment of althlete’s foot, dandruff,cough, infection,acne and so on.

Garlic is a broad-spectrum antibiotic and an important ally for the general well-being of humans. Let’s see other ways garlic can be used without cooking in this article

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Coach Amuda

Naturopathic Doctor & Founder, Green Remedies Int’l

Coach Amuda is a Holistic Practitioner and the C.E.O of Green Remedies International, a wellness company that specializes in tackling different health challenges through Natural, Organic, and Holistic Medicines.

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