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Goron Tula for Fertility; How to Use it to Get Pregnant

Goron Tula is highly recommended for couples trying to conceive because of its antifungal, antibacterial, antioxidant, antimalarial, antihyperglycemic, and iron absorption properties. The fruit is mostly found in the northern part of Nigeria. Let see how this fruit can help you get pregnant.

What are the benefits of Goron Tula?

There are very rare cases of infertility in the region (north) where Goron Tula is highly consumed and research published in Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Health confirms that the fruit is very effective in tackling fertility related issue alongside other health problems, below are some benefits of Goron Tula

  • This fruit helps to increase libido for those who experience lowered libido resulting from stress
  • When added to hot water and steamed to penetrate the vagina or chewed, it helps to lubricate, clean, and tighten the vagina.
  • It addresses sexually transmitted infections.
  • it addresses Menstruation problems
  • It addresses chest pains and treats cough.
  • it prevents cancer and lowers blood sugar for diabetic patients.
  • It is an immune booster.

A possible side effect of Goron Tula

Good as the fruit is, it has to be consumed within the moderate limit as overdose has some side effect so to call it

Earlier or forced period

Goron Tula triggers earlier menstrual flow, you could have your menstruation before the day it is expected and, in some cases, still have it again for that month.

Effects on pregnancy

Tanin in Goron Tula reduces the absorption of dietary iron and a woman needs iron during pregnancy, and alkaloids in Goron Tula can disrupt foetal blood supply causing foetal damage of death. Goron Tula is a polyphenol-rich food that may be harmful to people with medical conditions or allergies. So consumption during pregnancy should be minimized or avoided.


How to consume Goron Tula

  • you can break and chew seed like gum or eat the raw fruit when it ripens
  • you can make it into powder form to be mixed with pap or tea
  • you can also boil and make the fruit into porridge.

How Goron Tula can help you conceive

You must have known that Goron Tula is very helpful in fighting and regulating most fertility issues from sexual activities to tubal factor infertility and what have you. Let’s see how it works.

  1. Goron Tula makes vagina vet aid penetration, intimacy, and sperm transport. For pregnancy to occur, you must engage in sexual intercourse and sperm must move to meet and fertilize the egg. This process is made easy with Goron Tula.
  1. stress is one factor that interferes with conception. it distracts the function of the hypothalamus, the region of the brain that regulates the activities of the ovaries and uterus. stress can delay ovulation or prevent it and that is not good for women trying to conceive. therefore antioxidant-rich food like Goron Tula will help to moderate stress level leading to ovulation and making it possible to conceive.
  1. infection can result in tubal factor infertility such as fallopian tube damage or blockage. Goron Tula is very helping to cleanse the vagina and inhibiting the growth of unwanted microbe while protecting the healthy one. you have a better chance at conception if your reproductive system is free from infection. Goron Tula can take care of that aspect
  1. the regular period cycle is relevant for conception to take place. women with irregular periods will have difficulty getting pregnant. irregular menstruation indicates a hormonal imbalance. Goron Tula helps to normalize your menstrual cycle by extension your ovulation making your chance of getting pregnant greater.


In a nutshell

There is actually nothing to lose in taking goron tula fruit. It has a positive effect on both female and male fertility and enhances great sexual pleasure as well.


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