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How can I improve my egg quality after 40?

It is a good thing to improve egg quality and sperm health Regardless of your age, This is because the process is not a straight forward thing, In that you can’t expect to have immediate result when you start the process.

Women are born with all the eggs they will ever have. Each egg developing from the primordial follicles taking about four (4) month and another four month to mature into ovulated egg. Technically, It takes up to eight months to have a full impact on egg quality. So, It requires that you start living a healthy lifestyle for a longer period in order to optimized egg quality.  We will be discussing on this page how you can improve your egg quality and natural remedies that can help boost the egg quality and conception.

How to improve egg quality

Live a healthy life-style
This is the first step to take when trying to improve your egg quality. When you have a Poor health or other health condition that is not been properly managed, it will definitely impact on your fertility and egg health. a healthy life look like:

  • you wake up feeling refreshed each morning
  • you have enough energy to get through the day
  • you have clear thoughts (no brain fog)
  • you regularly menstruate 
  • you have clear skin, strong nails and hair
  • you have a healthy bowel movement almost every day
  • you feel nourished and supported on a physical and emotional level

If you don’t feel that way (as stated above), You will need to nourish and support your body

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Eat a balanced diet

Include both animal and non-animal protein to your daily servings and make sure they are grass fed and all organic. Antioxidants can optimize egg quality and they can be found in organic leafy green and vegetables that is why you should eat a lot of them.

Also, fat is necessary for egg quality, be sure to consume healthy fat and all food to be consumed should be natural and avoid processed food and sugar.

Moderate exercises is not a bad idea, It will help keep your blood circulating and also improve your egg quality. Engage in simple exercises like walking and gentle yoga. Try not to engage in strenuous exercise.

Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep at least 7-8 hours every single night will go a long way to improve egg quality. when you are able to sleep well, it means your body is restoring itself and may not age before time.

Herbs for egg quality
When working on improving egg quality, one of the best things to do is to take herbs that support mitochondrial function, fertility and the rest of the health. such herb like the female fertility pack, the fertility kit that addresses several fertility problems even when it is unexplained.

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