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Hyperprolactinemia Treatment in Males; Best Natural Remedy

There is a small gland in the middle of the head just below the brain known as the pituitary which contains lactotroph cells that produces prolactin, the hormone as its name implies (prolactation) has a primary function of stimulating the production of breast milk. The function of prolactin can be divided into a number of areas: reproductive, metabolic, regulation of fluids (osmoregulation), regulation of the immune system, and so on with over 300 effects in the human body.

Where is it Produced?

The majority of prolactin comes from your brain. More precisely, your anterior (front) pituitary gland

Other tissues and organs in your body produce small amounts too, they include:

  • The uterus
  • Immune cells
  • Skin cells
  • Fat tissue

Prolactin in men

Prolactin is not just a “milk” hormone, although the central roles of the hormone are around pregnancy and nursing, men also produce a significant amount of it. prolactin helps men to maintain reproductive health and strong immunity. other functions include:

  • Combats stress
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Regulates food intake and metabolism
  • Protects the brain and nerves
  • Maintains electrolyte balance

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Reproductive role of prolactin in men

Prolactin may not be important for reproduction in men. However, the investigation carried out on 20 infertile men with low prolactin revealed that after prolactin treatment, abnormal sperm cells reduced by 42%. hence low prolactin is one of the primary causes of the participants’ infertility.

According to an observational trial with over 2.5K people, low prolactin is associated with:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Metabolic syndrome

While hyperprolactinemia causes a drop in sex hormones and sexual dysfunction in both men and women. It blocks hormones that are essential for reproductive health.

Several studies show that high prolactin level has a detrimental effect on libido and fertility in men but with the best natural remedies like the organic fertility pack, sexual function and testosterone will be restored.

The normal level of prolactin supports sexual function and reproductive health in men while higher or low prolactin can hinder them.

Can a man lactate?

If a man or a non-nursing female is experiencing nipple discharge, it is an abnormal process known as galactorrhea and the growth of a mas breast tissue is called gynecomastia. They occur as a result of transient hormonal disbalance in puberty.

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The following may cause galactorrhea and gynecomastia in adults:

  • Tumors that secrete prolactin (prolactinomas)
  • Disrupted sex hormones
  • The use of anabolic substances in bodybuilding
  • Estrogen-raising drugs

Natural treatments to lower prolactin

  • Barley stimulates prolactin, you will need to reduce alcohol intake especially beer.
  • Treat any underlying issue with thyroid or undereating with natural remedies.
  • Engage in yoga, meditation, and long slow walks to reduce stress
  • Consider taking vitamin B6 which lowers prolactin levels by increasing the neurotransmitter dopamine.
  • Consider taking one of the best herbal remedies (Natural fertility treatment pack) which lowers prolactin and goes further to cleanse the reproductive system. Click here for the best remedy to balance your hormones.

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