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Ovulation: What are the Signs to Lookout For?

Roughly 7–10 days after menstruation each month, a mature egg is released from an ovary in a process called ovulation. the egg travels down the fallopian tube in the hopes of being fertilized, it will survive for up to 24 hours before the “fertile window” closes until the next cycle. when the fertile window closes, it means the woman may not get pregnant in that menstrual cycle.
The body sends several ovulation signals which requires practice and paying attention to your body  to be able to identify them. Some signs are easy to notice, others require more dedication. You will need to learn and understand these signs to be able to tell whether or not you are ovulating. In this article you will learn the basic signs that indicates ovulation.

How do I know if I am Ovulating

If you are always wondering whether you ovulate or not in every month, then this post is for you. Knowing when you ovulate will also help you increase your chances of conception as it will help you determine the right time to have sex (fertile window).

Are you ovulating? here  are the top Signs of Ovulation:

Cervical Mucus —   cervical mucus is a thick, slippery mucus that resemble an egg white. when you notice this slippery egg white on your underwear, it is a sign that your ovulation is near or occurring.  The major function of  cervical mucus is to accept, filter, prepare, and convey sperms on their journey to the egg.


Increased Libido —   the moment you start noticing you desire increase and you are feeling more in the mood for sex, it is an indication that ovulation is approaching.  This is the body’s natural reaction to ovulation.

Elevated Basal Body Temperature — You may need to record  you basal body temperature (BBT)  from bed before getting up for the day. The BBT  usually remain consistent before ovulation  but when it begins to go down very slightly, then jump back up and stay elevated ,  it’s a sign that ovulation has occurred.

Cervical Position — The cervix is located at the end of the tunnel in the vagina and it changes position throughout a cycle, Outside of the fertile window, the cervix is lower, harder, and more closed. Prior to ovulation, the cervix moves higher and becomes softer and more open. You can monitor this changes by touching but if the cervix has moved up, it may be out of reach.

Tender Breasts — Increasing levels of estrogen in the body that culminates in ovulation can also cause tender, swollen breasts.

Ovulation Pain — Also known as mittelschmerz, (German for “middle pain”) sharp pains in the abdomen during the middle of a cycle are normal and a sign ovulation will happen soon. This can come in the form of cramping or pain on the inside of one hip, which may be an egg breaking free from the ovary during ovulation.

Positive Ovulation Test — Ovulation test strips are an easy and affordable way to confirm ovulation. There is no need to buy expensive ovulation prediction kits. The test strips detect the amount of luteinizing hormone in your urine, an indicator that ovulation is happening or about to happen. 


Tracking your cycle is an important part of learning about your body and uncovering potential issues. If you have been tracking your cycles and still don’t notice any of the signs listed here, it  may indicate potential issues one of which can be Irregular Cycles . If your cycles are absent, shorter than 21 days, longer than 35 days, or vary by several days per month, this indicates an ovulation issue. 
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