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TTC Journey – 6 Ways To Make It Less Stressful

Before you started trying to get pregnant, you probably assumed that making a baby would be as easy as rolling into the bed with your sweetheart. But, in truth, only a minority of couples will become pregnant on the first try and many couples find it difficult to conceive.

Trying to conceive involve challenging decisions, worries and stress. Unfortunately, all this adversely affect your chances of conception. Research shows that high level of anxiety and stress may decreases production of progesterone which is very important in conception and healthy pregnancy

Because trying to conceive can be a little frustrating, there are some tips to help you stay calm and also increase your chances of conception while waiting for that positive pregnancy test.

If you are in the race of trying to conceive, we have a special 6 method that you can adopt below in order to make the journey stress-free and help you to get pregnant faster than you can imagine.

Now, let’s dive in…

Know the facts

Learn some basic about your menstrual cycle and be familiar with it. Knowing the length of your cycle will help you determine your fertile window i.e. days you are at greater chance to conceive. you may also get the ovulation test strip to know when you ovulate. This will not only help you time when to have intercourse but also give you a sense of control over the conception process.

Practice patience at first

Worrisome as trying to conceive may be, don’t be obsess. pregnancy takes time even for the healthiest couples. Do other things like your hobbies, work and anything that make you happy. while you do this also seek natural solution.

Exercise regularly

Exercising is one good way to relieve yourself of stress. 30 minutes on the the treadmill will go a long way to  activate your brain activities and lower anxiety as well. it will help you stay healthy and in shape, Try to make it fun and don’t over do it.

Eat healthily

This is the period when you eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole grain and stay away from food that affects blood sugar level. they influence the hormonal balance. Avoid Alcohol, caffeine (coffee and energy drinks) and food with artificial sweeteners.

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Take a break

If you feel the conception routine is taking a toll on you and your spouse, don’t be afraid to take time off. have sex for fun without paying attention to your cycle days. This will certainly not do harm to the chances of conceiving.

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Seek support

sometimes, trying to get pregnant make it feel like you are the only one in the world who is yet to have a baby. That’s not true. There are lots of people who are also trying, you can share your ups and downs with them. You can also sort advices of a fertility therapist. it can be very comforting.


The quest for conception can be an emotional roller coaster, full of high hope, disappointments, and maddening stretches of waiting. So this is a time to be extra nice to yourself and your spouse. The point is to pamper yourselves.
If you’re under 40 and have been trying conscientiously for 12 months, or you’re 40 or older and have been trying for six months, then it’s time for a fertility Solution.

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