An open Letter to Everyone Who wants to Permanently Get Rid of Infertility Problem And Become a Parent Fast...

REVEALED: A 200Year Old Ancient Natural Solution Anyone Can Use to
Permanently Cure INFERTILITY Problems Within just 90 Days.

Even If You’ve Tried Everything
Without Tangible Result

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Dear Soon-to-be Mother,

It is my altmost pleasure to welcome you on this page where I will be sharing with you the top Secret and Unique formula that many African women below 60 years has been using to bring themselves out of the childless society to become a mother within just 60 days. 

So, if you are a married woman who is less than 60 years of age, 

A woman who have been married for over 6 months or more without a “Positive” pregnancy result 

OR You have been able to conceive and have a child before and after that, you have been looking up to God for another ( the condition that is refered to as secondary infertility). 

If you fall into any of the above category, then…

You Need to Read Every Part of this writeup

It is only going to take about 15 minutes to read through, but If you take your time to read and digest every word on this page before you leave, There is one thing I know for sure, and that is the fact that.

You will experience a higher boost in your fertility rate which will force your womb to open and help you to get pregnant within the next 60 days or less.

Who Am I And Why Am I So Bold to Say This?

My Name is Coach Amuda,

A Natural Fertility Therapist with over 10 years of practicing experience. I am also the CEO of Green Remedies International .

A Leading wellness company that specializes in tackling different health challenges through Natural, Organic, and Holistic Medicines.

In the past years since I have been in this job, I have helped over 1,675 African and Non African women to conceive Naturally through my Training, Lifestyle recommendations, organic solution and numerous Natural methods adopted from both our forefathers and Ancient Natural International Practices and here is what some of them have to say…

Since I came across Coach Amuda, he has been a Blessing to my marriage.
I got Married in 2006 and waited for good 6 years after my wedding looking up to God for a fruit of the womb.

It was a daily sadness for me because everytime I remember how long I have been with my husband, I just get nervous and start crying in my heart.

I went through so much, spent alot of money on drugs and many other things (even prayers) before God finally use this amazing man as a solution to my problem.

I first heard about him through a friend who gave me his website link to get his fertility product. I got the product with faith and started taking it.

I also keep my condition in prayer as adviced by him.

In less than 5 months since I started his recommended treatment, I miss my period for the first time. When I checked, It was a pregnancy! May God continue to Bless you Coach for the Good work you’re doing on women across Africa.

Mrs Demilade John
Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria


Coach Amuda has been a life saver for myself and two of my friends who were facing serious problems getting their own child.

I first came across him in 2011 exactly when my wedding clock 3 years without a child. I got his fertility product and the support and advice he gave through his online platform was amazing.

I follow his words and I am telling you, before that year ends, I was a mother-to-be as I was already awaiting for my own child to be delivered.

Same things happen to two of my friends whom I have introduced to his programme. Dear Coach, I want to thank you for being such amazing being. I and my family will never forget you…Never!

Mrs Johnson Ruth
Obio-Akpor Port-Harcourt, Nigeria


Apart from the numerous homes I have helped,
I have also succeeded in building a community of to-be mothers where I share valuable information on how to achieve success in the “Trying to Concieve” journey… and the good news is that, countless of these women are now happy mothers.

But You See,
This writeup is not about me, It’s About You!

You are

A recent statistical report has shown that Infertility is one of the common problems couples battle with after marriage.

Infact, It was established that 1 out of every 4 couples suffer from one infertility problem or the other after wedding.

But The Only Problem Is…

No matter how these cases are many everywhere, each person is particular about a solution to their problem as everyone want a complete home.

Maybe because the happiness children bring to a home cannot be underated.

Not to talk of the pressure from the both parent of the couple which is majorly directed to the wife.

What of how the society people sees a couple without a child – In Nigeria, they start looking at you with a pity face, call you all sort of names like barren, and even disrespect you.

In short, there is a huge difference in calling someone a Mrs (with your husband’s name) and Mummy (with your child’s name).

When you are called Mummy Somebody in Nigeria, It means you are a married woman who is also having a child to your name… which is the best feeling any woman prays for, anywhere in the world.

Let Me Tell You…

Even As A Natural Fertility Therapist,
I Also Had A Taste of Infertility

Exactly on February 8th, 2014, my best friend, Engr Oludare tie the knot with the love of his life.

It was such a sweet wedding event.

So, As usual, After the sound of the wedding and honeymoon, Everyone started expecting a Big tummy.

People were expecting this couple to join the league of parenthood and have their own child.

Well, it is importent this happen at least, within 12 months of their wedding so that they will not be tagged “barren” by the society.

But sad as it may sound,

Two years after the wedding, Engr. Oludare and his wife still remain a family of two members.

The wife was diagnosed for Blocked Fallopian Tube, Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), Ovarian Cyst and some other problem while the husband’s sperm count is low.

As a Nurse, the wife has decided to only tackle the infertility problem in a medical way.
She resulted in buying different fertility drugs, they were also registered in best Fertility/Gynecology Center in Lagos and Abuja.

But After doing this for good three years with nothing to show for it, and since it was confirmed that the husband sperm count may be able to survive through “In vitro fertilization (IVF)”, the couple decided to try their hand in IVF

Cut The Long Story Short,

Within 2014 and 2017, these couple has spent close to 11million naira to seek solution to their infertility case both within Nigeria and Abroad, and sadly, without any good result.
In November 2017, I advise the couple to Let us go ORGANIC.

We started the process of Holistic Organic Remedy which is base on the Husband and the Wife.

Since the Wife is having many serious infertility problems, I started my research on A SINGLE NATURAL SOLUTION that could cure these kind of different infertility problems at once.
I spent months and months on the research… But thanks to God,

I got to know that in most African countries, there is No Single drug that can provide a solution to all infertility problems in the body at once.

And this is the major reason why it takes many women years to be Free from infertility because they have to keep tackling different problems that arise with different prescribed drugs.

When I discover this fact,
I had to turn to my colleagues who are also Natural Fertility Therapists in the USA and INDIA.

Finally, after so many months of searching in Nigeria, USA and INDIA with many trials and errors, We finally discovered …


This Secret Ancient Organic Solution Was Discovered in India.

So for the first time, we are able to Import and make available a single product that provide Complete Solution to Every Kind of Infertility Problems, All in a Single Pack.

The Ancient Solution has been in use in USA and CHINA for over 2,000 years which is what the ancient Chinese and USA people uses as permanent cure for ANY infertility cases.

No matter what the Infertility Condition is, Either…

Or Any other Infertility Issue.

Even if you and your hubby has been certified to be “FINE” and you are still not getting a positive pregnancy Result.

This Solution were able to Clear the Numerous Infertility problem in Mrs. Oludare and also help Engr. Oludare to boost his Sperm count and cure the erection problem all at once.

The Truth it that… This Organic Solution was a dream
come True for Engr. and Mrs. Oludare.

Within 3 Months, she was able to concieve her first twin ( a boy and a girl) and that same year, they were out of the “to-be-parent” gang… they were able to carry their children with so much joy that cannot be explained


The Natural Fertility Pack

A Newly Discovered Ancient Organic Remedy that Cures ANY Infertility Problems and Forces a Woman to Conceive within 60 to 90 Days.


fully registered natural health and wellness company in Nigeria licensed to consult, formulate, produce, import, export, market and sell natural health products.

We serve the populace with highly potent and effective 100% natural health solutions, products and services  WORLDWIDE!


Before I Continue, Let Me Show You Why This Powerful Organic Solution is Able to Tackle & Cure Every Infertility Problem No Matter How Strong or Serious…

You may want to ask yourself how this Organic Products are able to provide solution to all the major Infertility problem you can think of.

Well, I also asked myself this same question sometimes ago before we imported the Fertility Solution for Mrs. Oludare.

But, what I found out was the fact that the product contains 10 organic ingridients that cut across different infertility problems.

These 10 organic ingridients has never been found in a single fertility pack before… because they are found in different part of the world.

Let me share some of the powerful and Holistic ingredients with you…

Red raspberry leaves

Discovered in China over 300 years ago, which is commonly Used by Ancient USA and Chinese men and women to increase chances of getting pregnant, it help balance hormones, Fallopian Tube Blockage, ovarian Cyst and help prevent miscarriage.

Peruvian ginseng/ Maca

Once regarded as a “Fertility Woonder Root” is an edible herbaceous biennial plant that is majorly found in South America in the mountains of Peru.
It helps regulate a menstral cycles, and Reverse Early onset menaupause which improve overall fertility in women.

Bee Pollen

This is a powerful Traditional Chinese Seed that has over 95% success rate in increasing overall reproductive health in men and women, Helps to support their egg quality and libido and also aid longevity and anti-aging, as well as boost immunity.

Clary sage oil

Used in balancing homone, Reversing Early Menopause, Implantation Failure and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (Pcos)

Royal Jelly

Commonly Used by Ancient Indians.
In women, It support optimal hormonal balance, promote overall vitality, Erase Endometroisis and Pelvic Inflmatory Diseases from the system.

In India, Royal jelly is commonly used for male fertility to increases libido, sperm count and virility.


This is a powerful traditional Chinese Ingredient that helps in treating Autoimmune Disorder, Infections, and Ovulation disorder.
It is commonly found in China as one of the powerful infertility remedies.

coenzyme q10

This ingridient is popular in the USA, Canada and China for treating Blocked Falopian Tubes, Implantation Failure, Fibroid and other infertility problems.


A powerful Solution for Ovarian Cyst, Ovulation Failure and poor egg health.

I Know You May Have Gone Through Alot...

And probably What you are thinking now is;

“Hmmm, here is another one claiming to help me.
Just like the previous ones too that eventually did not work out”

O yes, that’s fine!

It happens when one has tried different things that claim to perform wonder only to end up not working.

In fact, in some cases, some of these treatments and interventions even cause more damages than helping.

I know this because I have worked with several women and couples on this case of infertility and I am aware of the different experiences!

Like I have said earlier, Fighting infertility and getting a child to one’s name is not what anyone cannot give up upon, even at the age of 65.

Mostly, in this journey, I know you definitely have not been just folding your arms and looking.

  • –>  I know you may have gone through some expensive gynecological procedures and treatments in different places.
  • –>  I know you may have taken different drugs in order to get Solution – But, either they work at all or they don’t.
  • –>  Like some other people whom I have met in the past, I also know you must have gone through IVF, or Maybe your own is just some other Surgical procedure you’ve gone through.

… All because you want to become a mother

–  Maybe you are even at the point of giving up!

But, Let me tell you,
This is not the time to give up,

Not even now that you have a proven solution that is ready to help you out of this problem of Childlessness so that you can have your own child to care for in Less than 1 year from now.

Here is The Secret Your Doctor Will Never Tell You...

The best way to treat any Infertility problem and get free at once is to go organic.
This is a simple strategy your doctor or Gynecologist will NEVER TELL YOU.
Well, they may not tell you for a reason best known to them…

  •  To some, because they want you to continue patronising them, keep paying the consultation fee and maybe even continue buying more and more drugs from their pharmacy.
  • To others who are government staffs, they may not want to tell you this because they need to work according to the ethics of their profession in order to keep and protect their Daily Bread.

But Let me tell you, If you happen to be their Wife or their Sister, THEY KNOW WHAT TO DO.
I am saying this because we have many Doctors and Health Practitioners across Africa who have used this Organic Formula to become parent today.


Use a Proven Organic Solution that has worked for many people… with this, you will be able to fast track your process of getting pregnant.

These Organic Solutions has been packed with Natural Ingredients that will…

In a single word, by using the Natural Fertility Ignition Boosters, Your reproductive system is restored to its original condition that helps you prepare for pregnancy the right way so that within some months, you can have your own beautiful baby to care for.

Let's Check Some FEEDBACKS from Some of the People Who Have Used this Organic Remedy in the Past!


Esther has been married for more than 4 years without pregnancy. She was having Ovulation Problem (Annovulation), Homonal Imbalance & Fibroid, Her husband was also Diagonised with Low Sperm Count (His sperm count was Just 1%).

After being refered to this Natural Fertility Pack, the couple decided to go for Male and Female Pack. Today, they are blessed with their hart desire.

Listen to her in the Video…

Click the PLAY button to watch the Video below

Mrs. Blessing Fibroid & Pcos Cleared in
Less Than 90 Days

Blessing is a 45 year old wife of a Prominent person in the country, a woman who has been married for over 10 years without even a pregnancy talkless of a baby.

Before Blessing was Introduced to this Natural Fertility Pack, she was facing so much frustration from her in-laws on the issue of child birth. Today, she’s happy with no worries.

Listen to her in the video below…

Ngozi Got Pregnant of Twins in
Less than 90 Days of Treatment

Ngozi was introduced to Natural Fertility Ignition Pack by her Friend (Jane), She started the treatment immediately she got access to the package.

She is now an expecting mother of twins. She sent me this Scan exactly when she saw the pregnancy result.

Mrs Andrew Got Solution to 3
Infertility Problems in 6 Months

Mrs Andrew has been battling with Ashearman Syndrome, Ovarian Cyst and Fibroid for over 8 years, this year, she got her break through after a friend introduced her to our Organic Remedy.

She sent me this message as she just Delivered a boy,

See below…

More and more people who used the Natural Fertility Ignition Pack are giving their testimonies.

If this Natural Solution can permanently treat a 55 year old woman with years of childlessnes, their is no single reason it won’t deal with yours.

But there is a Problem...

Apart from Nigeria, this Natural Fertility Pack is also being imported to other 5 countries in Africa and because it is the major solution that has gotten several people permanent result, 
the demand is high in the 6 African countries (including Nigeria) where it is being imported to, which makes the availability a little scarce.

As I am typing this message, Less than 100 bottles from the last importation are currently left in Nigeria.

So, I will advise that you do not procrastinate or take much time.

Think about it...

If you finally grab this Most Effective, Result Oriented Natural Fertility Solution and you are finally able to Treat All Forms of Infertility and get your own baby within some months from now,

– You will never have to complaint of Irregular Period/Ovulation Problem, PCOS, Ovarian Cyst, Infections, hormonal imbalances, Endometriosis, Fibroid, Sparm leakage, Tubal Blockage and other serious infertility related issue again. 

This issues will now become a thing of the past to you.

– It will save you lots of time and efforts and will finally put a smile on your face.

– It will save you your marriage and help you get back your husband affections and love just like you have always wanted.

and the BIGGEST of it all…It will help you join the league of motherhood and feel like a mother.

How much will that feeling worth?
Some are even ready to spend anything to achieve this, but they did not have access to the kind of information you are reading now (on a platter of Gold). 

Good Day Coach, I am Josephine, one of the beneficiary of your Natural Fertility Ignition Booster Programme Last year. I want to let you know that I am my husband are greatful for what God has used you to do in our home. Through your Fertility Pack, we have be librated from barreness and became a parent. The Products are God sent to us. Infact, it came at the time we needed it most, when we were almost giving up. As you are helping Nigerian women, May God always attend to your heart desire also. My case is a Confirmation that Natural Solution is the Best. And I am Confirming that Natural Fertility Ignition Booster is the Solution for any Fertility Issue.
Anambra, Nigeria
When I first heard about the Natural Fertility Ignition Booster Package, I had great doubt in my mind because I have used different things in the past. But yet, since I just can't give up on the issue of having my own child and becoming a mother, I decided to give it a trial. I started the treatment immediately the package was delivered to me. Within the first month, I felt some changes in my body system. and before I complete the Full treatment pack, something great happened. I became pregnant...Since 8 YEARS OF TRYING It was such a great news for myself and my husband. with the doctors' report I have had in the past, I never believe I can have a child again. Coach Amuda, God has used you and your team to make this happen. Thanks for your support, thanks for the honest advices. and Thanks for Making this Natural Solution Available to Women.
Mrs Babajide
Magodo, Lagos

Now, This Natural Fertility Ingnition Booster Pack Comes in 2 Different Supplies, But The Recommended and Most EFFECTIVE Package is the 2 MONTH TREATMENT PACK.

In the past, A larger percentage of people who have used it and share their testimony also recommend the GOLD treatment Pack.

This is because this Organic Solution Goes through all the complete steps and stages of fertility treatment (Fertility Cleanse, Body Fertility Reset, Boosting of Fertility Hormones e.t.c).

Here Are Breakdown of the Packs


(Recommended GOLD PACK)

It Begins Fertility Cleanse all over your system
+ Reset your body system to make your body ENTIRELY NEW AGAIN
+ Starts to boost your Fertility Hormones and make your body system Pregnancy Ready.

Normal Price: N150,000

But for only Today, You will get it for

JUST N88,500

[ Buying This Package Directly will Save You a whole N9,500 MORE, even at the promo price]

After this promo, the price will automatically go back to N150,000 




It Begins Fertility Cleanse all over your system
+ Reset your body system to make your body ENTIRELY NEW AGAIN

Normal Price: #90,000

But for only Today, You will get it for…

JUST N63,000

After this promo, the price will automatically go back to N90,000 



Gold Pack Supply – N150,000   N88,500

SILVER PACK Supply – N90,000 N63,000

After Today, the price will automatically go back to the Original Prices Above.

Get it Today at Promo Price!

Get N10,000 off Any of these Pack
When You Use Coupon Code:  260621


Like I said above, we reccommend the GOLD PACK.

But you can start with any package you wish…Incase of Financial reasons, you can go for Silver Pack.

Although, If you Buy the Recommended Gold Treatment Pack,
you will be saving yourself some money.

But, it’s all your Choice to choose which one you will like to go for.

Jut Make sure you get it, you will surely call back for your own TESTIMONIES.

You Can Contact Us on Whatsapp by clicking the Link below or Call/Text Messages to +2348164943199.

If You Place Your Order Right Now…

I mean if you dare place your order right away when this promo is still ongoing.

Like fill the form and send in your order;

I’ll know you’re really serious and want a Quick Solution.
So I’ll make sure I blow your mind by throwing in THESE AMAZING BONUSES BELOW…

Fast Action Bonus #1​

The 30 Days Fertility Guide

Once you Order any of the Above Package today, As a FREE Bonus, we will also be giving you our 30 Days Fertility Guide to help you with things like…
— The best Meal Plan to take to make your body system respond faster during a Fertility treatment.

— It will also show you the ‘3 Unique Lifestyles’ that Affect a woman’s Body and disturb Fertility Treatment and how you can Avoid them or Get them Under Control During your treatment.

— The Unique Methods to Use ‘WATER’ daily so that your Body System can be Washed and Become Very Response to Treatment

Fast Action Bonus #2

The Ultimate Fertility Smoothie Recipe Guide

When working on Fertility, Either in a Woman or a Man,
The first step I always suggest is to eat a Natural Fertility Diet.
Eating a healthy Natural Fertility diet is the foundation of a natural fertility program.
To make it even easier, I suggest the very first step is to drink a fertility smoothie daily, at least for the first 30 to 60 days.
Starting the day with a smoothie guarantees that you are going to be getting the most important components of the Natural Fertility Diet consistently.
As an African, there are some fruits and veggies that can go a long way in boosting our fertility Naturally.

Do you know Pineapple has a Special ingredient that can make a woman get Pregnant Fast?
…Don’t worry, You’ll find out in this guide.
In this Fertility Smoothie Recipe Guide, we have compiled the Easy-to-Find Fruits and Vegetables that you should make a part of your daily rutine for the first 60 days of your journey in this Fertility Programme.
This Guide contains all the fruits and vegetables, how to make them, the list of fertility component each of them will add to your body instantly after taking them and the best time of the day for each of them.
The Value of this Guide is N9,000
But you are getting it for Free as Part of this 90 Days Fertility Programme.

Fast Action Bonus #3


Once you get the Natural Fertility Pack and Start your 90 Days Fertility Programme now, You will automatically be added to FERTILITY INNER CYCLE with coach Amuda.

This means for the next 90days, I will be checking on you to know your progress, sending you email messages, and you will be have access to my Direct Whatsapp Consultation so that we can always discuss about your progress in the treatment and the next step to take.

The major reason why we always achieve a tremendous success is because we give a total backup to anyone in this 90 days fertility programme.

So, Consider this 90 DAYS PREGNANCY CHALLENGE a positive one because you’ll not be left alone .

Normally, the last batch of people that got access to this challenge and concultation paid N70,000 each.

But, If you get the Natural Fertility Pack within the next 48 hours, you’ll be Joining for FREE!

Once your order get delivered, you will get all your packages as promised and we will begin the followup 


Gold Pack Supply – N150,000   N88,500

SILVER PACK Supply – N90,000 N63,000

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I want you to be sure of the Genuity of this product, so I will be offering you a payment on Delivery option.

This means that…You will only be paying for the Pack once the Product gets to your doorstep.

I am a Nigerian and I know how people abuse the use of internet.

So, I want you to be sure that this is not one of those internet germs that take advantage of people’s hard earn cash and run away.

So, If you have the amount to pay for any of the package when delivered EITHER IN CASH OR THROUGH BANK TRANSFER, Just go ahead to order, we will be recieving the payment when we bring the product to your doorstep.

You can also place your order by calling +2348164943199 or Send a Message to Our Whatsapp Number +2348164943199.

Yet, I'll Offer You Something Crazier!

90 Days Money Back Guarantee

For you to know that I am so certain about this Natural Fertility Ignition Pack even regardless of what kind of infertility issue it is you want it to solve.

I will also give you a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

I have made this easy for you so that you will NOT Loose anything .

If it doesn’t work for you within 90 days, Return the empty bottles to me and have your full money back to your account.

This product have been endorsed by high level naturopathic Practitioner and medical professionals from India,  United States and Nigeria.

They endorsed it because they found out that it works naturally.


Of course you will NOT Loose anything .

If it doesn’t work for you, Return the empty bottles to me and have your full money back to your account.

Its that easy.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Natural Fertility Ignition Pack is a Combination of top Organic Fertility Ingridients from different part of the world.

The solution was first discovered in the INDIA where it is used as a major remedy for most Infertility Issues which is why we adopted it some years ago and import it to Nigeria to solve major fertility issues…And since then, many people have given their testimonies.

Here is How it Works… For the First 1 Stage, it will perform what we called Fertility Cleanse all over your system so that it can Locate and flush out every fertility combacting TOXINS and other relevant fertility problems in your body system.

Immediately After this, The Second Stage; it begin to Make a Reset on your body system to make your body system ENTIRELY NEW Again Even if you have gone through abortion and miscarriage in the past.

And Lastly…The Third Stage: it starts to boost your Fertility Hormones and make your body system Pregnancy ready.

Normally, we advice a Complete Treatment Pack (GOLD PACK) to enable this Natural solution to perform all the above stated functions. However, incase of Financial reasons, you can go for the SILVER PACK pack.

But if you are going for SILVER PACK, before the dose is complete, make sure you get the remaining pack so that you can continue the treatment directly without giving a break.

Another thing is that, getting the GOLD PACK will save you more money due to the more discounted price attached to it.

Yes, this Organic Solution also works perfectly for Men.
For Details on Men Fertility Solution, CLICK HERE

If you are getting the Natural Fertility Ignition Pack during this Promo, you will NOT only be getting the GOLD Pack for – N47,500 instead of N70,000.

Silver Pack – N28,500 instead of N35,000

Aside from this, if you get any of the pack during this promo, you will also be having great bonuses that will help you during the treatment.
– The 30 DAYS FERTILITY GUIDE, Ultimate Fertility Smoothie Recipe Guide sent to you through email or whatsapp immediately after delivery of the pack.
And Access to Our 90 Days Pregnancy Challenge where you get Free Consultation and Coaching for the next 90 days.

The price of the Pack will be jumping up to the initial price (the price we striked above) which will almost be X2 of the current promo price.

We deliver the product within 48hours or 3 days at most.

We also Accept Payment on Delivery ( during this promo only)…which means the product will get to you before you make payment.

This means if you order today…you will be having your product delivered to your doorstep in less than 3 days.

If you have an enquiry to make or you have anything to discouse with us, you can call our healthcare line on +2348164943199 or you simply send us message via Our Whatsapp No. +2348164943199






(For Arthritis, Joint Pain & Inflamation)


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