An open Letter to Every Man and Woman in Nigeria who Wants to Get Rid of
Ulcer Pain Permanently
Using A Secret Ancient And Natural Method

REVEALED: A 200Year Old Ancient Natural Solution Anyone Can Use to
Permanently Cure Ulcer in Days

Even If You’ve Tried
Everything Without Tangible Result

From The Desk of :

Coach Amuda
Natural Wellness Therapist
Nigeria, West Africa.

If you are tired of the pain and discomfort of ulcer,

Or maybe it has always been your wish to get rid of Ulcer and every of its symptoms,

I will advise that you take your time, hold your phone well and read every details on this page.

This is because in the next few seconds, I will be revealing to you over 200year old Secret Solution that Chinese and USA citizens have been using to get rid of ulcer in less than 60days and remain healthy.

Although, this solution has been in use in the USA and China since 200 years ago by the ancient citizens

but it has just been discovered in Africa and if you can take your time to read,

you will be Exposed to the ancient Solution so that you too can use it to turn your Ulcer problem to a past tense.


You See…

If you have been battling with Ulcer, bearing the pain and discomfort and even the heart burn, let me tell you, you’re not alone.

Recent Statistics has shown that about 4.3million Nigerians are currently battling with at least one stage of ulcer or the other, 

Making Ulcer one of the common health problem in this part of the world.


Most ulcers are caused by Heliocobacter pylori (H. pylori). 

This is a bacterial infection. Acids from the foods we eat can make the pain and discomfort worse. 

Long-term use of aspirin or anti-inflammatory medicines can cause ulcers. 

Stress and spicy foods can make an ulcer worse.

And most of these are found in our day-to-day activities.


You cannot prevent an ulcer caused by an H. pylori infection. 

However, you can reduce your risks by limiting some foods and drugs such as acidic, caffeine, alcohol and species.


No Matter How Many Years You Have Suffered From it…

No Matter How Old You Are

No Matter How Much You Weight

Even If You Inherited It from Your Parents or Grand Parents!

It’s really true and to prove it, am going to tell you a Short Story.

It all started from a certain town in Japan about 10 years ago.

There were an Ulcer Outbreak,

Back then, almost 2 persons from almost every family suffered from terrible Stomach Ulcer. 

Ulcer kept tormenting them until it gradually chops off some part of their stomach, and as result, many of them died of Ulcer.

It was that terrible for them.
And unfortunately, back in Japan then, just as it is in Nigeria Currently Today…

There Is No Profound Cure for Ulcer... Even Most Doctors Know About This.

You May Want to Ask Why?

But to answer that question, I have no choice but to tell you something no one wants to talk about.

Even most doctors won’t tell you this but, the truth is… as it is Now in Nigeria, Ulcer Has No Permanent Cure.

Although People will tell you to use all sort of things like…

Ripped bananas
Soaking unripe plantain

Or they will suggest a lot of other things for you to do so as to cure the ulcer even though they themselves haven’t received their own permanent cure with that.

Well, it’s nice that they care for you and want to help as well, but, that is still not the solution even though they may work for few days.

Maybe you don’t like that, maybe it’s unfair, but the truth is that there is no profound cure to Ulcer in Nigeria yet.

Doctor have no cure for it and that’s is why you will see someone suffering from Ulcer,

they will be taking management drugs from hospital till after some years, their Ulcer will gradually get worst till they have a serious Stomach problems that sometimes leads to death.

Why Is This So?
The answers are easy and hard to believe.

The easy answer is that there is no cure for Ulcer in Nigeria yet.

Doctors don’t know any cure, they just help you to manage it… and this is why they always ask the question


Because they believe “once an ulcer patient is always an ulcer patient”

So, Because Ulcer was one of the most serious Case in Japan with no proven cure,

A certain (very small) group of 2 Japanese clever men and 1 Nigerian Holistic Therapist who has also been studying in Japan for sometimes…over 10 years ago in Japan got provoked, did intensive research to discover…


How Anyone Can Permanently Cure Any Kind Of Ulcer Using Ancient Natural Solution

After about 3 years on this research, these men finally discovered a Natural Ancient Solution that has been in Use both in China and USA since over 200 years ago.

And the good news is that,

This Natural Solution works for Anyone from age 18 either a man or woman.

This discovery is the reason these 3 men became the most sought-after men in that part of Japan.

They had the key that unlocked those that were captivated by Ulcer .

Doctors began to hook them up to get more of that powerful Organic Ulcer eliminator.
They are the only hope for permanent cure to Ulcer.

It’s now over 7 years since these men discovered this Special Natural Solution and it has been used to heal over 2.7million people from different types of Ulcer.

Why Am I Telling You All This?

If you have any form of Ulcer either in the stomach or any other area.

And you are sick and tired of the pain, discomfort and monumental torture of ulcer…

If you have ever had to roll on the floor, clutching your belly in pains in the middle of the night, and just wish you could figure out how to do away with ulcer for good…

Or your ulcer has resulted in gnawing or burning pain in the abdomen, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, bloating, weight loss?

Maybe you have had the treatment before and the symptoms of your ulcer subside like it’s gone, only to come back in a bigger and more painful manner.

AND You have tried looking for a permanent cure it seems no one is forth coming…which make you conclude that you just have to live and “manage” this ulcer problem for life.

I will Congratulate you…

For you to be on this page right now, You are a lucky one!


About 3 years ago, the Nigerian Holistic practictional amongst the 3 men who discovered the permanent cure to ulcer problem which has now helped over 2.5million Japanese returned to Nigeria.

He discovered that Nigeria is suffering from the same condition of not having a permanent cure to ulcer problems.

Which is why he decided to begin the Importation of the Natural Solution from Japan to also deliver many people in Nigeria from Ulcer Pain and Discomfort.

Since the importation of this Natural Solution, 

It has helped over 1,578 people to get rid of any type of ulcer and permanently retain their health.

 Infact. this Natural Solution has been a blessing to anyone who is lucky to come across it.

Today, you have too may now have access to the Natural Solution so that you can use it to get Rid of Any type of Ulcer and become free for life.

  • It doesn’t matter if the Ulcer has rotten or done some damages in some part of your stomach, leg or hand.
  • It doesn’t matter if the doctor or anybody said that it cannot be cured.
  • It doesn’t matter how long the Ulcer has lasted.
  • It doesn’t matter where you have gone for treatment both home and abroad and yet no cure.


The Organic Ulcer Terminator

A Natural Way to Permanently Get Rid of Peptic Ulcer, Gastroduodenal ulcer,
Gastritis, Esophagitis, Gastro-Esophageal, Reflex Diseases(GERD)
And Any Form Of Ulcer From the Body System


The Organic ULCER Terminator is Consist of a unique Organic and Natural Drug (made in form of capsules) from the Natural Ingredients right from the USA and Imported to Nigeria in order to Permanently Terminate Any form of Ulcer Problems.

“Natural Cleanse Herbal Capsule” & “Natural MLLA Solution”

Effective Combination of Natural Herbal Treatment to Completely Flush out Heliocobacter pylori (H. pylori) 

the bacterial that causes ulcer from your body system while also healing the wound, blocking acid production, neutralizing stomach acid and protecting the lining of your stomach and small intestine

to ensure you never hear about Ulcer Ever Again.

“This is a 100% Guarantee Natural HERBAL REMEDY for…

  • Peptic Ulcer
  • Gastric Ulcer
  • Esophageal Ulcer
  • Bleeding Ulcer
  • Refractory Ulcer
  • Stress Ulcer and ANY Ulcer Whatsoever.”

The Solution is a NATURAL and EASY Method that Requires No stress, the solution is now a NORMAL way of curing any Ulcer related issue in Japan and USA using the Ancient Natural Ingredients


Apart from Nigeria, the Organic Ulcer Terminator is being imported to over 5 other countries in Africa and because it is the major solution that has gotten several people permanent result, 

the demand is high in the 6 African countries (including Nigeria) where it is being imported to, which makes the availability a little scarce.
As I am typing this message, Less than 100 bottles from the last importation are currently left in Nigeria.

You May Want to Ask, Why I Am Showing You This Secret For Free?

I am Coach Amuda,

 A Natural Therapist here in Nigeria and one of the major ways I derive happiness is seeing people getting solution to their health challenges through my recommendations.

In the past 8years, since I started practicing, I have had several cases of Ulcer in a different form.

In 2016, I met a young lady who is the daughter of a very important person in Nigeria.

The young lady has been battling with Ulcer for Some months before we met.

According to her, she can’t just wait to get a solution to her ulcer problem. 

She said the pain and symptoms have kept her from doing everything.

Being a student at that time, she could no longer be as active as she used to be due to heartburn, constipation at the same time with Severe Pain at the same time.

She was basically living a pitiable life.

When we met, she said her doctor had done everything he could.

And because the ulcer is becoming serious, they had to even changed to one of the biggest and expensive hospital in Lagos with the believe that they will surely get a solution.

But, after many months, the situation was still the same.
I basically asked her to Stop All the Medical Drugs she was being given so that we can start an Organic Treatment.

Within some months of going through the Organic Treatment, we were able to get rid of the bad symptoms, infact, she was typically living fine.

But, Sad As it may sound,

After some months, every of the symptoms was back.

It was such a disappointment to myself, her and her parents.

Which prompted me to start looking for a Permanent Solution to get rid of the ulcer.

Through My research and Several Contact to my Friends and Colleagues both within and outside the shore of Africa, 

I was able to meet the Nigerian Japanese Holistic Doctor above and in 2018, we made the first massive importation of Organic Ulcer Terminator to Nigeria.

This solution has been able to Permanently heal several people from Ulcer.

Here Are What some of them Are Saying Below…

I want to recommend the Organic Ulcer Terminator to anyone that wants to free themselves from Ulcer.

I have been suffering from peptic Ulcer at a young age,
I tried almost every treatment out there, but it only got more expensive with no positive result in the long run.

Fortunately, after giving a trial of this Organic Ulcer terminator, for over two months now I have been set Free from Ulcer for life.

No symptoms or otherwise. Thanks a lot for this remedy.
Jeff Adams
Pro Bodybuilder
“I suffered from Ulcer for 4 years, and it was an absolute nightmare.

Whatever I did to cure it, it just kept on coming back.

My doctor was no help at all, as he gave up after switching between several medications.
Since I found your treatment, my life is so much better. No more excrutiating stomach pains.

No more sleepless nights.
And no more ulcer.
My wife is even happier than me!”
Ariana Foxx
Professional Model
I am Peter Cofie from Accra.
I am retiree from the civil service. I had been a diabetes patient for 5 years now.
I started feeling stomach discomfort few months back and the doctor said I had developed ulcer.

I gave up as I have thought I was going to be using the bulk of my retirement benefits to buys drugs as against enjoying what I had worked for over the years.

Then I travelled to visit my son. My ulcer symptoms started again and I was taken to a private hospital where I was given this Ulcer Natural Remedy’.

I started taking as directed. In one month my ulcer was gone, my sugar level was back to normal.

God punish anyone who says natural products don’t work.

I believe in natural products 100%.
Michael Henry
Professional Boxer

As you’ve just read,

these people have experienced cure and permanent relief from Different kind of Ulcer and it symptoms after using the Organic Ulcer Terminator Pack.

So, there are just Less than 100 bottles remaining!

The Natural Organic Ulcer Terminator Pack is spreading like wildfire… and demand is so heavy that most of the stocks are running out fast.

Right now, thousands of people are seeing this website, that means the available stocks are extremely limited.

I cannot assure you that you will be able to get it at the same discount price if you procrastinate.

So, go ahead and place your order now…

And if you go ahead and get it now, you will enjoy…

  • The discount introductory price
  • 100% FREE Shipping to every state in Nigeria
  • Payment at the point of delivery
This means you will pay for the products only when it has been brought down to you face to face by our courier company or delivery Agent.

If You Place Your Order Right Now…

I mean if you dare place your order right away… like fill the form and send in your order;

I’ll know you’re really serious and want a solution FAST.
So, if you place your order right now… I’ll make sure I blow your mind by throwing in AMAZING BONUSES…


This is a Special Guide which will expose you to the hidden secrets about the deadly H.Pylori bacteria that causes stomach ulcers;

In this Guide, you will be shown the Special List Foods Eat during the treatment in order to Aid Fast Permanent Treatment of Ulcer….

and 5 most importantly THINGS you need to do to avoid getting re-infected again by the H.Pylori bacteria that causes this disease.

This guide has helped many people to stay away from ulcer and some other infection by simply having the necessary on how they work.

And that is why I will be giving you this Guide to tell you 3 things to do after the complete treatment that will make your body system strong enough to Resist Ulcer and H Pylori Bacteria Infection Forever.

Originally, It cost 60 dollars to obtain this report when it was published….

If you calculate the Dollar rate of N450 / $1
That’s about N26,000

But, it’s yours today for FREE – that is, if you order right away…

Here’s how to get this BONUS REPORT;

Once you receive your order, quickly send us a message on WhatsApp and I’ll personally forward to you the digital copy of this great report.. 100% FREE!


For the next 90days while you’re using the Organic Ulcer Terminator, you’ll be given a private number you can call to ask any questions you may have on stomach ulcers…

and you won’t have to pay anything just like you pay consultation fees in hospitals.

Originally, this cost about N20,000 per consultation.

This means we will follow-up with your treatment until the desired result is achieved!

Here Are Breakdown of the Packs

1st Package

GOLD PACK (Recommended)

Contains 4 Bottles of Natural Cleanse Herbal Capsule & 1 Giant Pack of Natural Mlla Solution

Normal Price: N 90,000

Promo Discount Price: N65,500

Second Package


Contains 4 Bottles of
Natural Cleanse Herbal Capsule 

Normal Price: N 60,000

Promo Discount Price: N45,500

Third Package


Contains 2 Bottles of
Natural Cleanse Herbal Capsule 

Normal Price: N 30,000

Promo Discount Price: N26,000

Fourth Package


1 Giant Pack of Mlla Solution
NOTE: This Pack is for someone who had initially gotten the SILVER PACK earlier and will like to complete the treatment dose.

Normal Price: N 45,000

Promo Discount Price: N35,000

We recommend the GOLD PACK for Permanent Treatment of Every CHRONIC ULCER or for Anyone who have been having Ulcer for minimum of 6MONTHS OR MORE because the Gold Pack will help go through every steps of treatment of Chronic or Minor Ulcer.

The Gold Pack is also Best for Anyone who have Treated Ulcer Before with a Reverse Case

The Gold Pack Completely Flush out Heliocobacter pylori (H. pylori) the bacterial that causes ulcer from your body system

  • It helps in healing the wonds,
  • Blocking acid production,
  • Neutralizing stomach acid

And Also Protect the lining of your stomach and small intestine to ensure you never hear about Ulcer Ever Again.

I know you have used several drugs that promised cure to your ulcer,

yet, nothing happened, it was waste of money.

Well, let me tell you,

You are not alone…

Many of the people you see who shared their testimonies above has also did.
Infact, some of them has spent a lot of money on Ulcer just to get a permanent solution and be free for life.
But, even after the whole money and effort, their condition still remains the same.
The thing is…

Before this Organic Solution Land in Nigeria,
Nigerians has been in a dark room of ulcer and held captive by ulcer pain and discomfort.

Until many of them are able to lay their hand on the Organic Solution.

And currently as I am writing this, over 1000 Nigerians and more than 5,000 people all over different African countries have been able to get solution to their ulcer pain and discomforts.

I know you also can’t wait to get solution.


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